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We cover a large range of medical equipment going from the basic disposables (syringes, detergents…) to the most sophisticated and technologically advanced equipment (Lithotriptor, MRI, CTs, anesthesia machines etc…) and Laboratories… Read More

The worst idea would be to buy medical equipment without guaranteeing the after-sales servicing and operational training. We at SHG completely disregard this approach and have a strong, skilled and experienced team of engineers… Read More

Since the inception of our group we have been actively involved in the development of medical institutions on Turnkey basis. Whether serving a private or a public client, we have always thrived to provide the optimal solution to ensure a safe long-term investment and to achieve the best possible solution using the minimal amount of resources possible … Read More

We highly value and respect all aspects of efficient Project Management. Whether for a Turnkey Project, or just an expansion or renovation of a medical facility, our Project Management team is dedicated to follow the bases of the Golden Triangle: we ensure the execution of your project with respect to schedule, budget and scope … Read More

With the advancements in technology, medical devices and equipment are getting more complicated to maintain, but also to operate. Continuous education is a must. Proper training has to be provided to the physicians and specialists operating on a machine, but also to the technical personnel in charge of the maintenance … Read More




Beirut: +961 5 45 04 53
Qatar: +974 55 95 79 27
Nigeria: +234 (0) 70 66 42 43 97