Since the inception of our group we have been actively involved in the development of medical institutions on turnkey basis. Whether serving a private or a public client, we have always thrived to provide the optimal solution to ensure a safe long-term investment and to achieve the best possible solution using the minimal amount of resources possible.

We cover a project throughout the different steps of its lifecycle: Field Study, Feasibility Studies, Planning, Design, Financing, Construction, Equipment, Commissioning, Management & Maintenance.

For additional information. ask for our “Turnkey Solutions” brochure.

An effective Turnkey approach relies on a clear and accurate understanding of your exact needs and precise objectives and vision. We will guide you to define and further sculpt your ideal, based on your requirements and on the market needs.
Depending on your project, its scope and interests, we can help you raise the necessary capital to achieve it. We are also eager to invest in equity, to ensure proper expansion of medical care, and its decent availability to all populations.
Define your needs
Based on the clinical and functional needs of your project we have the expertise to help you define the ideal architectural design & medical equipment package.
Equipping your new Hospital or Clinic requires the purchase of a huge variety of equipment. We can be your single point of contact for all the equipment in your facility. Managing procurement, logistics, installation, commissioning and training throughout the project, we will help you achieve the best possible solution, while minimizing all possible risks, and ensuring optimal functionality of your institution.
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