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Improving Patient Safety and Outcomes with Medical Simulation

CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare, your worldwide training partner of choice in healthcare education and simulation-based training solutions, helps hospitals, medical and nursing schools, military organizations and healthcare systems around the world improve patient safety by improving the way healthcare learns and advancing a culture of patient safety.

The Future of Endoscopic Visualization Systems… Now

Richard Wolf

Richard Wolf GmbH is taking image quality in endoscopy to a whole new level with sophisticated technology for pin sharp 4K resolution. The precisely coordinated system components guarantee realistic image reproduction. At the same time, the system is energy-efficient, ergonomic and compact. Intelligent processing algorithms, referred to as Special Imaging Modes (SIM), allow structures that are difficult to discern to be rendered more clearly.

4K means a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 pixels, four times that of the existing HD standard. To get this pixel power on the road, Richard Wolf is effectively pooling its areas of expertise: telescope, light, signal processing and the latest production technology are merging to create a solution from a single source.

Full-endoscopic spine surgery


The VERTEBRIS lumbar instrument set is designed for full-endoscopic decompression of the lumbar and thoracic spine. Typical indications include herniated discs, spinal cysts and spinal canal stenoses.

The following approaches can be done full-endoscopically:

  • Transforaminal
  • Extraforaminal
  • Interlaminar

The excellent optical properties of VERTEBRIS disko-scopes are the basis for intraoperative visualization and guide special instruments into the intraoperative area.

The benefits of the technique are:

  • Low scarring
  • Low risk of infection
  • Extensive preservation of all anatomical structures and mobility
  • Fastest post-operative recovery

Your worldwide training partner of choice

Sim.LED Multicolour, more to look at…

Simeon Medical

SIMEON Medical GmbH is setting new standards for theatre lighting with the new Sim.LED 5000/7000 MC:

  • State-of-the-art patented and proven reflector design, together with the latest LED technology, provides an unmatched light efficiency: excellent color rendering index, deep cavity illumination and a unique homogenous field of view with 360° illumination.
  • A consistent high colour-rendering index of Ra>96 at any color temperature.
  • High quality materials and a unique design which provides comfortable adjustment options, a high level of positioning safety and a low heat output.
  • Unique energy efficiency and power consumption.

Each and every technical detail authenticates the strong individual character of S.I.M.E.O.N. concepts, and the determination to re-define surgical lighting…

Diamond Operating Table: A Class of its Own…

Schmitz und Soehne

Awarded the “red dot” for its high quality design, The DIAMOND surgical table from Schmitz und Soehne GmbH redefines a new dimension for surgical tables… Heavy-weight patients can be easily operated on safely, as the DIAMOND is able to support a load of 360 kg in all positions…

  • Radiolucent table-top with stainless steel table frame construction, sandblasted, electropolished and disinfection-proof.
  • Electromotive adjustment of the prevalent table functions as well as the back rest, the leg plates and the leg supports allow an anatomically correct and comfortable patient positioning and intra-operative modifications on the position.
  • Optimal height-adjustment with its telescopic column which allows short and tall surgeons to work comfortably.
  • Surgeons enjoy plenty of leg room thanks to an ergonomically shaped lower section.
  • Hydraulic and electrical override to ensure continuous functioning of the table in any scenario.
  • Longitudinal and latitudinal adjustment of table-top to fine-tune table settings.
  • Chassis with 4 double castors, central-locking for great stability, firmness and exceptional safety.
  • 5th spring-loaded directional castor for ease-of-manoeuver.
    Four batteries on system to supply sufficient energy for well over 100 surgical interventions.
  • Bluetooth “no-touch” wireless hand-held (or foot-pedal) control unit.

Your Spine Positioning Suite

Allen Medical – Hill Rom

The Allen Advance Table is a specialist table for complex surgical procedures for use with patients up to 600 lbs (272 kg). It offers radiolucency through the whole working length of the table. For surgeries that require the patient to be re-positioned from supine to prone or vice versa whilst still anesthetized, it rotates through 360°. It has been designed with improved safety features specifically related to the surgical top’s connection to the table, helping to avoid accidentally dropping the surgical top if the incorrect pin is pulled. In addition, this solution has the caregivers’ requirements in mind, offering a more modern and intuitive user interface along with convenience features such as central locking, EZ-Roll castors and numbered H-Brackets for improved communication.

Modular OR Construction

Trilux Medical Projects

Nowadays, the interior of medical centers construction follows strict requirements relating to shielding or hygiene purposes. Samir Hani Group proposes a complete solution for the design and execution of modular construction within the operating theater ensuring active hygienic properties with ease of installation, maintenance, optimal integration and a guaranteed return on investment.

Cyber TM: Faster, Safer, Smarter BPH Treatment

Quanta System

Among the different alternatives for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH, drug treatments and microwave therapies have presented solutions that need weeks to take effect and sometimes fail to provide the desired outcome. Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate TURP has become the golden standard for treating BPH but still it implicates an extended recovery time and hospital stay and may induce significant blood loss and complications like TURP syndrome. Unlike other LASERs which induce deep thermal necrosis and consequently unwanted side effects, the CYBER TM from Quanta Systems. SPA offers today’s urologist an effective, safe and versatile tool for treating BPH with immediate effect, long lasting outcomes that are as effective as TURP but with less complications, the patient can go home the same day often without even a catheter…

Water being the chromophore of the CYBER TM wavelength with one of the highest absorption rates of this high power LASER, vaporization maintains continuous effect, it is fast and precise while optical penetration stays real low (less than 0.2 mm). At the same time, this solution is highly efficient: on one hand, it reduces OR time and on the other hand, it is very affordable seen its low running costs compared to other LASER technologies.
Finally this solution is versatile. It is multidisciplinary, its learning curve is one of the shortest and within BPH treatment it is the only one to offer the surgeon the free choice between three LASER techniques of vaporization, vapo-resection and vapo-enucleation for an optimal individual treatment.

Uncompromised Exposure with the Thompson Retractor

Thompson Surgical

The Thompson Retractor delivers uncompromised exposure to a variety of surgical specialties – one frame for all exposure needs.
Frame Benefits:

  • Strong and secure, for exceptional stability.
  • Quick Setup, with logical locking systems.
  • Independent adjustment of lateral arms, ensuring multi-planed retraction and unlimited customization.
  • One-piece locking joints – which facilitates attaching frame components.

 Angling and/or Micro-Adjustable retractor handles, reducing time spent repositioning
With input from surgeons of varying disciplines (General, Bariatric, Transplant, Oncology, Spine, Cardiac, Plastic, Urology, Gynaecology…), Thompson’s retractor systems are leading the way in providing the visibility surgeons need to be successful and give them confidence to try new, improved procedures.

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