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Established in 1981 by Samir and Walid Hani, Samir S.Hani Est. would quickly impose itself as a leading company dealing with medical and hospital equipment on the Lebanese territory. In a country ruled by war, embargos and crisis, the company would defy difficult circumstances to ensure high standards in the country’s medical field, and to provide aid, assistance and support for this purpose.

Progressively, a Consultancy and Engineering branch was added to the company to manage, supervise and implement turn-key projects, a technical branch to provide installation, maintenance and supervision on the equipment. A multitude of companies were created to answer the growing and diversification of the market, and to expand services to neighboring and further countries.

Samir S. Hani Est. is one of the oldest medical equipment companies in activity In Lebanon.

Today, SHG is a growing holding and business venture, dealing in different fields, offering numerous services, operating on a number of territories -through direct offices or representative agents-, always ready to share and invest its expertise where needed.

President's message

It is clear that we are living today the fastest growing advancement in the fields of technology, and especially in what concerns medical care. Yesterday’s issues have been answered by today’s medical processes and equipment, and mankind’s current preoccupations are subjects of ongoing research and product development all over the world. New technologies are getting introduced daily to the medical market, new solutions are being proposed, and new medical departments are therefore born. Apart from the bright side of that story, the onset of this evolution can constitute a threat to the well being of the whole medical system. It becomes harder for medical professionals to keep track on the span of this expanding field, but it also becomes harder to entrepreneurs, investors and patients to understand the adequate interfaces and processes of this new world.

How is a physician supposed to know about new technologies? How should an investor trust this expansion, manage the risks of technology and locate fruitful opportunities? How can a government offer the best medical assistance and care to its people? How is a patient supposed to trust this whole system while he would be gambling with his well-being?

In a world where medical care has become a right rather than a form of luxury, this is where we come in place. With our different motivated teams, combined with our expertise we are able to offer you the answer to your needs.

We will provide doctors with information and introduce them to innovative solutions, we will provide investors with risk-free opportunities and will offer governments with consultancy, services and most importantly: full solutions.

By identifying the benefits of technology, and limiting its secondary effects, we aim at increasing the yield of hospital care and assistance.

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