Diagnostic and Screening Equipment

Nowadays screening methods enable the early detection of several pathologies leading to efficient treatments with higher success outcome. Samir Hani Group is keen to provide your healthcare center such solutions that benefit to the society.

Diagnostic has evolved in the past years and modified the whole medical process. All modern diagnostic tools are covered by Samir Hani Group whether invasive through flexible and rigid endoscopy or non-invasive: urodynamics, electrophysiology, spirometry, rhynomanometry, sight balance and audiological assessment, laboratory and medical imaging.


Medical Imaging

Non-invasive and invasive imaging equipment are one of the most advanced technological tools that help the medical team to diagnose human health and detect its pathologies. Samir Hani Group offers a complete line of medical imaging within radiology, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, endoscopy and microscopy.

Laboratory Equipment

As a turn key solution provider within Diagnostic equipment, Samir Hani Group equips all laboratories for clinical pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, IVF etc… We also pay attention to the safety of the laboratory technicians by providing safety showers eye wash respecting the highest safety measures.

ENT Diagnostic

Hearing & Balance Assessment


GI Endoscopy

Cardio-Pulmonary Function Test

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