One of the major challenges of any healthcare provider is to prevent and fight infections. This is done through cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
Samir Hani Group provides a complete solution within this field, including consumables for hand, skin, instrument and surface cleaning and disinfection, but also equipment for the CSSD like ultrasonic baths, automatic washers disinfectors, cold and steam sterilizers. We provide your operating theaters with scrub sinks with innovative untouchable faucets, your wards with automatic bedpan washers. Because we really care about your patient and your staff safety we even provide solutions for environmental automated disinfection through mist technology and air treatment solutions. Nowadays, even hand hygiene can be monitored through automatic IT systems. With our input, we support your Infection Control Committee throughout its mission and we ensure your patient a safe and pleasant stay.

Surfaces Hygiene

Air Treatment

Hand Hygiene


Automatic Washers


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