With the advancements in technology, medical devices and equipment are getting more complicated to maintain, but also to operate. Continuous education is a must. Proper training has to be provided to the physicians and specialists operating on a machine, but also to the technical personnel in charge of the maintenance. We, at SHG, have expertise and experience in adequate training of personnel. With every piece of equipment purchased, we make sure to provide necessary training to the end-user to ensure proper utilization of the technology.
General trainings:

We also organize general training sessions for physicians, nursing staff, biomedical engineers, technicians, specialized janitors where different areas of expertise will be covered, and training certifications provided. We are at this time pursuing different training agreements with Ministries of Health, Governorates and Medical Institutions in the Middle East and West Africa region.

With more than 500 certificates issued only in last couple of years, we believe to have enough expertise as well as experience to guarantee a first-class quality formation.
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