The worst idea would be to buy medical equipment without guaranteeing the after-sales servicing and operational training.

We at SHG completely disregard this approach and have a strong, skilled and experienced team of engineers that provides the following:

– After-Sales Training

Right after delivery and installation of any device, our experts will make sure to train the end-user on how to adequately operate the equipment and maintain it in order to get the most out of it

– Preventive Maintenance

In order to prevent any failure and to preserve a long-term investment on the equipment, our team will provide proper preventive maintenance that will include check-ups, testing, calibration etc…

– Corrective Maintenance

In the case of failure, our team will identify, isolate and rectify the fault so that the equipment will be restored to an operational condition and can be used for its intended use.

Our Engineers are professional and reliable. Highly educated and experienced, they have pursued the necessary training at our suppliers’ premises and obtained all certifications required by our manufacturers for the after-sales services.

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