Educational Equipment

The search for knowledge is a need that comes from human nature. To satisfy this need is to overcome the social, economic and intellectual differences that can only divide us. We at Samir Hani Group believe that part of our mission is to develop and market innovative, user friendly and affordable “Instruments of Knowledge,” to allow and facilitate this search for knowledge. Therefore, we have developed a full line of educational equipment to equip your school and university laboratories even mobile laboratories particularly useful for all those educational environments lacking equipped science classrooms.

We cover anatomy, biology, physics, chemistry and medicine. We do even provide medical schools with robotic simulators helping transfer medical skills to the trainee with no risk to real patients and with objective evaluation modules helping decrease new procedures learning curves and making them more accessible.

Our offering within medical education includes:

Patient Simulators

Part task Trainers

  • Nursing & Patient Care
  • Injection
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Medical Procedures
  • Resuscitation & CPR
  • Emergency Care & Trauma
  • Moulage
  • Rescue
  • Anatomy Models

Serious Games

Digital Anatomy Simulators

Virtual Reality Robots with Haptics

Augmented Reality

Audio Visual Solutions and Simulation Center Management Software

Simulated Medical Equipment

Echography Simulation

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