Echography Simulation Workshop Campaign Tour

During the whole month of April, we have been touring on all medical schools showing both instructors learners and clinicians how virtual technology can help teach echography: the new doctor’s stethoscope. Ultrasound imaging is the most widespread imaging technique through all medical fields, one of the most affordable and the safest for the patient. Our CAE Vimedix simulator offers the widest range of scenarios both healthy and pathologic offering the learners to practice as much as they want on all echography techniques with different probes and most importantly the invasive ones (like transvaginal or transesophageal) that are difficult to practice on real patients during tutorship and even discovering the rarest pathologies. The Augmented Reality Interface through Microsoft HoloLens goggles give the teaching experience a new dimension with 3D discovery of anatomy and echography plane cuts making ultrasound imaging much simpler and tangible for beginners. This novel simulator will definitely change the way echography is taught and will help spread this essential diagnostic tool.



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