Inauguration of the first state of the art ESWL Laboratory with Piezolith 3000 Plus Lithotripter by Richard Wolf

Samir Hani Group was pleased to share the excitement of the community in the Bekaa with the inauguration of the first state of the art ESWL Laboratory in Lebanon equipped with the new Piezolith 3000 Plus Lithotripter by Richard Wolf. This ESWL high end suite offers unprecedented safety through dual online localization system, highly effective double layer piezoelectric shockwave source offering direct focusing technology that reduces pain while offering high rates of stone disintegration in three different focal zones freely chosen by the doctor according to stone location, size, motion and density. The suite also offers user friendly automatic patient positioning and a complete remote and motorized control of all system components through touch screen interface which makes it very user friendly and therefore more accessible to healthcare givers without the need of extensive training while ensuring perfect clinical results. In presence of Minister Dr. Ali Abdallah, Mr. Samir Hani is pleased to sign with Mr. Salim Aassi CEO of the Libano Francais Hospital in Zahle a Memorandum of Understanding for a scientific partnership aiming to enhance the quality of urology healthcare services in the Bekaa region.



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