Inauguration of the newly redesigned and rehabilitated operating theater and CSSD of the Lebanese Military Central Medical Center in Beirut

The Lebanese Military Central Medical Center guarantees high level healthcare services to military as well as civilian patients. As part of its expansion and development program, we have equipped the newly refurbished floor including a complete operating theater as well as cleaning disinfection and sterilization department with state-of-the-art medical equipment and furniture that ensure the safest, most efficient and most comfortable care to the Lebanese soldiers and veterans who have sacrificed much to defend our Nation and to ensure security and stability in the toughest times and circumstances.

The project includes the design and equipment of:

  • Five Modular Operating Rooms with glass wall cladding fully integrated with built in wall storage, control panels and medical displays with ceiling pendants for hygienic and neat storage of equipment with LED reflector technology lighting with bariatric operating tables, 4K endoscopic imaging chains, high power C-arm, LASER, HF equipment with special modes such as vessel sealing and bipolar urology, arthroscopy and hysteroscopy modes
  • Recovery and preparation areas
  • Anesthesiology with modern fully digital anesthesia workstations equipped with advanced anesthesia monitoring technology.
  • CSSD with automatic double door washing disinfectors, steam and hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizers.

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