Participation in Building the GMEA conference and workshop center in Byblos Lebanon

Samir Hani Group is proud to be part of the construction of the GMEA conference and workshop center in Byblos through its partner Simeon Medical gmbh who equipped 4 rooms with surgical LED lights creating the same lighting ambiance and quality as in real operating rooms in order to help teach surgical, endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures in an ex-vivo setup. Another partner Elvation Medical chose to equip a demo ESWL lab in the center for technical service training and education catering the MEA region. The center is positioned in the heart of the touristic old town of Byblos one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world home of the oldest discovered written modern alphabet. The center’s mission is to educate both medical students and experienced doctors on all technological novelties and new surgical techniques enhancing the skills of Lebanese and Arab Surgeons and offering better treatment options to their communities.



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